Online Exams in India

Post information technology revolution in India, computers have become a part of everyday life and computer science as a subject has become compulsory in schools. Teaching methodology has also changed with many schools adopting new techniques and avoiding learning by rote. There is increased awareness among teachers and parents about various exams like Olympiads, Talent Search exams, etc.

Just a few years back, online exams were meant for applying to graduation/ post graduation courses overseas. Lately the scenario has changed. More and more competitive exams within India are being conducted online. Main reasons for this change are scalability, global access to the exam, savings in cost, time, energy and infrastructure, having a green footprint by avoiding paper/pencil, etc. Some exams conducted online are BIT-SAT, AIEEE, CAT, GMAT, Bank exams, some Olympiads etc. Not only exams, but several courses also are being conducted online. Distance education has got a whole new meaning with live video streaming. There are infinite study resources available on the internet.

With entrance exams for under-graduation courses also looking to go online, it has become imperative that a student be well-versed with the nuances of a computer based testing environment. There are many surveys to support the fact that educationalists, parents and students are positive about the examinations being conducted online. This only highlights the fact that students will benefit from practicing online tests while they are in high school in order to get used to online assessment environment and have an advantage over peers during competitive exams.

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