Social Learning Tools in LMS

Most of the training in organizations is informal. Interaction and collaboration have been the traditional methodologies of learning in an organization. With the increase in popularity of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, there is an increase in demand to include such tools to help people collaborate and co-learn within an organization. In the Government Elearning! Magazine survey, 40 percent of surveyed enterprises are already using blogs and forums.

A comprehensive LMS includes these kinds of tools in its features by providing connections between learners and experts. This improves the efficiency of informal learning as well as creating a record of communication. It is seen as a way of facilitating informal learning or giving it structure. It also gives a platform to the learners to share their ideas and experiences which add value to the overall training/ course. When such tools capture the interest of the learner, people spend more time on the LMS and a vibrant learning environment is created.

vLearningPro is a comprehensive LMS for Enterprises, hosted and managed by hubVirt. The following model shows how vLearningPro has integrated social learning tools:

For more details on the social learning features offered by vLearningPro, visit:

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