Benefits of social learning tools

It is imperative for training professionals, employees and management in an organization to understand the importance of social learning tools as part of training curriculum. Employees learn more from others and on-the-job, than in classroom sessions. Social learning tools create share-and-learn environment in the organization. There are various benefits offered by social learning channels:

  • The experience and knowledge acquired over the years is difficult to document. It can only be passed on from one person to another. This kind of knowledge transfer happens best when employees have a channel to communicate.
  • For organizations that are spread across various geographies, a virtual meeting space for the employees helps them connect to colleagues they have never met.
  • The channel can help in pooling the knowledge from various sources. Employees can refer to it when they have queries or issues.
  • Social learning channels create a healthy and collaborative work environment. They also serve as a place where employees can connect informally.
  • Hitherto non-participating employees find it easier to share and participate in the discussions in a much more forthcoming way
  • A discussion forum can allow the trainer and trainees to participate in free-wheeling discussions and the trainees can read or comment whenever they find time.
  • Blogs let the employees publish articles on their chosen interest/skill areas and others to comment and rate them.

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