Have a paperless campus

Paper is probably the resource most used on any campus apart from power. The academic fraternity consumes lot of paper for correspondence, teaching methodologies, assignments and project submissions etc. A new class of institutions is increasingly looking at green initiatives. There are various reasons behind the good intent: Differentiate the institute among competitors, save energy and money, become eco-friendly, etc.

Here are few initiatives that an institution can take up to reduce the usage of paper:

– Recycle books. Students can reuse the textbooks of senior batches.

– Automate library management

– print only if necessary and print on both sides of paper

– use e-bulletin board and reduce physical circulation of notices/ memos.

– use a comprehensive e-Learning Solution to completely do away with paper for

  • delivering course content
  • conducting exams, quizzes
  • submission of assignments and project reports
  • distribution of case studies before discussion in the class
  • and any other academic operations that involve lot of paper usage.

Anaheim University is the world’s first paperless university. Hopefully many other will follow this trend to make this world a better place. Making an institute a paper-less one sends the right signals to the student community too that the institute practices what it preaches.

For more information on how our LMS ‘vLearning’ can help you reduce paper usage, please visit www.hubvirt.com or write to: sales@hubvirt.com

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