All New vStudyroom

What is new?

  • All new  vStudyroom is now FREE. Just Signup, Sign in and Start Practising.
  • Take Practice Tests on various competitive exams.
  • What is available on vStudyroom is no longer only for high school students.
  • vStudyroom provides Practice Tests that are of high quality. Anyone who is preparing for competitive exams can subscribe for the relevant courses/exams.
  • You can now earn Learner Credits and redeem them.
  • Tickle your grey cells with teasers and quizzes.

Who can use it?

Anyone who wishes to take a Practice Test in a particular competitive exam area can subscribe to it. For example, students can take tests that help them better prepare for competitive exams and improve their scores. College graduates who are looking to make themselves industry-ready can take exams that test their technical skills and help in their preparation for interviews and in improving technical knowledge.


How can I use it?

  • Signup for FREE, Sign in and Start practising. It is that simple.
  • Take tests on various topics and check the analysis of your performance
  • Discuss on various topics with other users
  • Invite a friend to join and earn learner credits
  • Earn Learners credits in various other ways too and redeem them for cool merchandise
  • Check Notice Board for announcements regarding important competitive exams
  • Answer interesting teasers and quizzes 

What are the benefits?

  • Practise, test and improve your knowledge on various topics and have fun while doing it
  • Compare your performance against other users who take similar tests
  • Connect with other learners and clarify your queries in concepts
  • Be updated about competitive exams
  • Get cool merchandise by redeeming learner credits
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