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Bank Recruitment Exams Going Online – Impact For Institutes And Aspirants

When the number of applicants for popular competitive exams increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for the institute/board conducting the exam to administer the test manually. The logistics too, stretch the bandwidth of faculty and administration. In this context, many of these boards are looking to systematically taking these exams online. In accordance with the same trend, entrance exams for Banks in India went online. This came as a huge shock to aspirants who were preparing for these exams. Officially, IBPS, Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, conducts the exams on behalf of banks. Earlier, OMR sheets were used since all questions were multiple-choice based. Though it makes the process easier for IBPS, the candidates think otherwise.

It is not only the Probationary Officers exams, but also the Clerical grade exams that went online. Many of the applicants are from middle class and lower middle class families for whom getting a bank job is a dream come true. They might not be comfortable answering questions online during the exam, if they didn’t have prior experience of using a Computer Based Testing (CBT). To address this issue, IBPS said that it will provide special training for the applicants from less privileged backgrounds or differently-abled candidates.

For training institutes, involved in training aspirants for these various bank recruitment exams, too, this is a major change. The training methodologies and processes they have been following over the years need to be overhauled. They will be required to provide some kind of simulation of CBT for the people they are training. This involves setting up infrastructure and also providing an exam and assessment software for simulating the CBT environment.

To its credit, an online system makes it easy and faster for tests to be conducted. Lakhs of applicants vie for thousands of bank jobs in India. The recruitment process is a major exercise for the banks. Conducting an online test makes it easier, faster and more accurate. The turnaround time, between conducting the test and analyzing the results, is reduced which would help banks recruit more often with lesser strain on their resources both in terms of effort and time.

For Training Institutes:

vTesting is an online exam and assessment platform from hubVirt Software Solutions, that helps institutes offer their exams in various test areas. The students/users of an institute can login to vTesting and practise tests put up by the institute.

For aspirants who need additional practice online:

hubVirt also offers a content based solution, vStudyroom, that has simulated practice tests for bank exams covering various test areas. The test areas covered in these bank exams are: Quantitative Ability, Logical and Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation (for PO), Marketing/ General Awareness and Computer Skills. vStudyroom, a FREE resource, provides practice tests in all these areas.


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Online Exams in India

Post information technology revolution in India, computers have become a part of everyday life and computer science as a subject has become compulsory in schools. Teaching methodology has also changed with many schools adopting new techniques and avoiding learning by rote. There is increased awareness among teachers and parents about various exams like Olympiads, Talent Search exams, etc.

Just a few years back, online exams were meant for applying to graduation/ post graduation courses overseas. Lately the scenario has changed. More and more competitive exams within India are being conducted online. Main reasons for this change are scalability, global access to the exam, savings in cost, time, energy and infrastructure, having a green footprint by avoiding paper/pencil, etc. Some exams conducted online are BIT-SAT, AIEEE, CAT, GMAT, Bank exams, some Olympiads etc. Not only exams, but several courses also are being conducted online. Distance education has got a whole new meaning with live video streaming. There are infinite study resources available on the internet.

With entrance exams for under-graduation courses also looking to go online, it has become imperative that a student be well-versed with the nuances of a computer based testing environment. There are many surveys to support the fact that educationalists, parents and students are positive about the examinations being conducted online. This only highlights the fact that students will benefit from practicing online tests while they are in high school in order to get used to online assessment environment and have an advantage over peers during competitive exams.

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